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Swimming 2019

Welcome back to your yearly report on my swimming adventures. I know you’ve been waiting! Before I move to statistics and compare it to the last year, I need to share a bunch of news.

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Swimming – revisited

My very first post on this blog was about swimming. Welcome, 2019, it couldn’t be different – let’s make a summary of my swimming habit!

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Why I Like American Football

Some people are curious how can one not only like, but even get to know american football, when one lives here in Poland. Here are 8 reasons for this sport, and 2 against as a bonus.

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Why I don’t like working remotely

People are so excited about working remotely.

My experience is 4 month of working remotely on daily basis a few years ago, plus an occasional home office for the last 2 years. It’s enough to realize that it’s not my thing. At least when speaking about working from home, which doesn’t exhaust the possibilities.

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8 reasons why I love swimming

…other than health & look.

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