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7 reasons why I’m skeptical about TypeScript

TypeScript? More like HypeScript to me.

This is not to say that I don’t want to use TypeScript. Please keep in mind that I’m only highlighting a bunch of serious disadvantages in my eyes.

Without further ado…

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“Automate everything” is a scam

Nowadays I see people going crazy about automation. Everything must be in Docker containers, If it’s not in docker, I ain’t touch it.

Every task must be performed on the CI server, every repetitive task must be converted to a script, nothing in the MVP can the back office do manually. People are praised when they claim: “automate everything”!

I am on the very opposite side. I think automation generally isn’t worth it. It can be harmful to your project and see the trend of “automate everything” kinda crazy. Let me explain why.

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The pyramid of software development principles

This post was originally posted on medium. Here I paste it and give it a fresh look in a few places.

Was anyone else ever under impression that principles of software development are a mess?

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YAGNI vs good design

In one of my previous posts – YAGNI is king – I advocated the idea of not anticipating future when it comes to developing features.

I got some feedback that I want to discuss: YAGNI applies to features, not design. When designing software, you have to anticipate the future. Therefore, sometimes you have to give up on YAGNI if you want a good design.

In other words: on a pull request, when you see an extra piece of code, don’t automatically assume it violates YAGNI. Maybe it’s for design purposes.

I take the point, but also have to add something on my defense.

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Why are there no full stack mobile devs?

The term “full stack devs” seems to be reserved to the web only. What’s worse, as a web dev I’ve always felt pressure to know well both frontend and backend.

On the other hand, I’ve worked with many mobile devs, none of whom I would call a full stack. Typical mobile dev needs another dev (backend dev) to create a full-fledged app.

I still don’t understand why. Let me debunk a few typical answers that I’ve heard but I don’t find true.

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Manage complexity bottom-up

When it comes to adding complexity to the code, I generally see two schools of programming:

  1. Top-down: start with abstractions, then write implementations for it.
  2. Bottom-up: write down the whole implementation, then make abstractions out of it.

This post advicates the second school.

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Styling <br> tag – 2 cases

Funny thing – recently I used CSS styling for HTML <br> tag, which remembered me another situation when I saw that. So I decide to write them down, in case if anyone is interested.

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5 Things I Used To Get Wrong About TDD

Recently my team and I had a discussion panel about TDD. That made me reconsider a few things I was certain about. Here’s a little confession that summarizes the whole thing – 5 things that I no longer consider true about TDD:

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YAGNI is King

A note on the importance of not anticipating future.

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Don’t Test Data

As you could read in my initial “Don’t Test…” post, I’m against too many test cases. Here’s another thing you shouldn’t be testing.

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