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9 ideas on how to improve visibility in your project

In the previous post, you could learn why visibility is extremely important in IT. If you’re still missing ideas on how to achieve better visibility, read this post. I present you 9 concepts of how you can increase visibility in a typical programming project.

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How to communicate in IT: Extreme Visibility

Have you wondered how to effectively communicate in IT?

Make it visible. Extremely visible.

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10 more communication quick wins for developers

Professional, technical communication is one of my soft spots in software development. It’s useful in situations like code review, status update, standups, meetings, backlog refinement…

Check this post if you’re looking for tips on how to improve your everyday communication.

Check out also part 1 – 10 communication quick wins for developers.

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Kick-off – dev-related topics to cover

A list of questions and topics to cover on your next kick-off + best practices on some of them.

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My Habits as a Programmer

During reading The Power of Habit I decided to take a closer look at my habits. I classified four technical, and four non-technical habits strictly related to the programmer job.

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Two Faces of Just-in-Time Learning

My recent discovery about learning.

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Responding to code review – Getting Remarks Applied

So, the reviewer made some comments on a code review and what? Is it clear to your team what happens afterward?

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The missing piece of (almost) every code review

I might be the only developer in my company enjoying code reviews (from both sides, actually). On reflection, the main reason for that is that they make a great opportunity to learn something new. Which is cool, even if it’s someone else’s point of view on programming.

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10 communication quick wins for developers

(See continuation – 10 more communication quick wins for developers)

I like a quote from Uncle Bob:

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