Hi there, I’m Bartosz Krajka

I’m a full stack web developer.


My primary technology stack is Ruby on Rails + React.js.

I’m also experienced in JavaScript ecosystem: Node, NestJS, TypeScript.

Typically a big chunk of my work involves cloud infrastructure, mostly AWS.

Software craftsmanship

I particularly specialize in:

  • automated tests
  • professional communication

But the list goes on:

  • clean code
  • code review
  • pair programming
  • knowledge sharing – see Read more page
  • communication with business
  • problem-solving
  • proactivity
  • being data-driven


However, I consider myself a developer who is far more than just a coder. My interests include:

  • biohacking
  • sport (gym, swimming, jogging)
  • stoicism
  • learning new things slowly, but regularly and for years (currently Spanish and chess)

I love spending a lot of money on books. On the hobby level, I like oldies and NFL.