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Month: March 2018

The missing piece of (almost) every code review

I might be the only developer in my company enjoying code reviews (from both sides, actually). On reflection, the main reason for that is that they make a great opportunity to learn something new. Which is cool, even if it’s someone else’s point of view on programming.

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Why I don’t like working remotely

People are so excited about working remotely.

My experience is 4 month of working remotely on daily basis a few years ago, plus an occasional home office for the last 2 years. It’s enough to realize that it’s not my thing. At least when speaking about working from home, which doesn’t exhaust the possibilities.

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Uncle Bartek’s attitude towards code comments (+ examples)

Comments are always failures.

What a perfect example of a wise sentence (by Uncle Bob) that feels wrong when taken out of context.

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