Out of my 5 CliftonStrengths talents, it’s time for the third one – Developer.

Cool name for a programmer, isn’t it?

Developer as a programmer – 10 symptoms

1. Awareness

I know of the Curse of knowledge.

I know people learn differently. YouTube videos, documentation, books, courses, learning by doing… All of that can be a legit source to learn from. Depends on who is a student.

That said, I have a very strong candidate for the best way of learning & teaching programming. Which is…

2. Pair programming

Programming is such a complex activity that the best is to show it. It addresses perfectly the Curse of knowledge.

I recall no session after which I called it not worthwhile.

The best part is – if you pair junior-senior, the senior also learns.

3. Extreme visibility

It is another technique that addresses the curse of knowledge. We don’t know what information is useful, therefore we share more than we think is necessary.

“More than necessary” for some people is “just perfect” for others.

4. Lending books

I can’t recommend you a book (see Individualization). But I can lend you one so that you will check it out and judge itself.

Owning a bookcase (or two, or three…) I don’t mind lending you some. In most cases, you don’t have to give it back. But please read it.

Given away and read by another person – this is how my books want to leave me.

5. Plenty of resources for everyone

Generally, I remember how I learned certain things. I also do have a knowledge base to pick from.

I’m willing to share, with the same reservation as always – can’t know which will be useful for you.

6. First commit on day 1

It’s all about getting new people up to speed.

Pro tip: The question “how?” should not be asked the day a new dev comes to the project, but way earlier.

7. Simple language

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

By Einstein or not, this quote says everything. I refrain from jargon when explaining something to newbies. As much I don’t believe “competent” people who can’t explain it easily.

8. Don’t mind working with the inexperienced

As long as they are open-minded and willing to learn – perfect!

It’s even better because I can easier shape their mindset.

9. Love to see people growing

The best, absolutely best is when somebody becomes an expert in areas unrelated to programming.

I used to work with a developer who at the same time was an architect of buildings. He literally was developing a mobile app while his project was being built. How cool is that?

10. Let me help you

I help others, others help me. It’s never a waste of time if you think of a project.


The other 4 talents are very, very me – never had to be convinced that Responsibility or Ideation is strong in me. Truth be told, Developer is the talent most surprising to me.

I’m not saying it’s a lie. But in my eyes, it’s one of many, many traits that you can say about me.

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