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Month: February 2019

Why are there no full stack mobile devs?

The term “full stack devs” seems to be reserved to the web only. What’s worse, as a web dev I’ve always felt pressure to know well both frontend and backend.

On the other hand, I’ve worked with many mobile devs, none of whom I would call a full stack. Typical mobile dev needs another dev (backend dev) to create a full-fledged app.

I still don’t understand why. Let me debunk a few typical answers that I’ve heard but I don’t find true.

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Manage complexity bottom-up

When it comes to adding complexity to the code, I generally see two schools of programming:

  1. Top-down: start with abstractions, then write implementations for it.
  2. Bottom-up: write down the whole implementation, then make abstractions out of it.

This post advicates the second school.

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