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Swimming – revisited

My very first post on this blog was about swimming. Welcome, 2019, it couldn’t be different – let’s make a summary of my swimming habit!

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Kick-off – dev-related topics to cover

A list of questions and topics to cover on your next kick-off + best practices on some of them.

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Styling <br> tag – 2 cases

Funny thing – recently I used CSS styling for HTML <br> tag, which remembered me another situation when I saw that. So I decide to write them down, in case if anyone is interested.

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5 Things I Used To Get Wrong About TDD

Recently my team and I had a discussion panel about TDD. That made me reconsider a few things I was certain about. Here’s a little confession that summarizes the whole thing – 5 things that I no longer consider true about TDD:

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Why I Like American Football

Some people are curious how can one not only like, but even get to know american football, when one lives here in Poland. Here are 8 reasons for this sport, and 2 against as a bonus.

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YAGNI is King

A note on the importance of not anticipating future.

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My Habits as a Programmer

During reading The Power of Habit I decided to take a closer look at my habits. I classified four technical, and four non-technical habits strictly related to the programmer job.

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Don’t Test Data

As you could read in my initial “Don’t Test…” post, I’m against too many test cases. Here’s another thing you shouldn’t be testing.

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Don’t Test Implementation

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think you should test as much as possible. I stand by smarter, not more numerous tests. But what makes tests smarter?

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Two Faces of Just-in-Time Learning

My recent discovery about learning.

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